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Wastewater Screening Equipment Bar Screens, Grit Removal, Screw Conveyor, Combined pre-treatment unit and other customized products for the separation process in WWTP SEFT: design, manufacture and installation of equipment for purification plants


Simple screening and solids separation equipment for municipal and industrial applications. Serving our water and wastewater customers for 35 years.

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Thanks to screening process, EMO France is the expert in sludge and wastewater recycling. With screening technology and our range of products, we specialize in recycling industrial wastewater, sludge treatment and offer several treatment products.

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Manufacturer Representative Serving the New England Water & Wastewater Treatment Industries. Home; Contact Us; By Company Name; Water Treatment All; ... Industrial Equipment; SCREENING. Technologies & Manufacturers. GRIT SYSTEMS INFLUENT SCREENS INFLUENT SCREENS. Ovivo. ... ON-SITE SCREENING TESTING ON-SITE SCREENING TESTING ON-SITE SCREENING ...

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36" NDA Dewatering / Wastewater Screen. Manufacturer: 36" NDA Dewatering / Wastewater Screen; 36" NDA Dewatering / Wastewater Screen with 1/8" stainless steel wedge-wire screen, 36" wide x 48" long surface area, with 6.5" flanged inlet / 8.25" left side flanged outlet. Mounted on a …

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delivering clean, safe water since 1975. Refreshing indeed. Vulcan wastewater screening equipment has played a vital role in protecting the water supply of more than 900 cities and communities throughout the world. About Us. Vulcan Industries from Paradigm Creative Media, Inc. on Vimeo. Play.

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Aqualitec Corp. - 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90034 855-650-2214. Fax (323) 732 2815.

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 · A plant''s headworks plays a crucial role in the pretreatment influent for any wastewater treatment facility. It protects the operation of downstream equipment and enhances the efficiency of the overall wastewater treatment process. Because all wastewater debris starts at the headworks, proper screening and debris removal is imperative to the ...

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 · FB Procédés designs, manufactures, distributes and installs screening equipment for all wastewater treatment facilities. Our range of Bar Screens provides simple, efficient and reliable screening solutions for the wastewater industry.With thousands of Bar Screens installed worldwide, we are recognized by our clients as the wasterwater screening equipment expert.

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Choosing the right screen type and size increases capture and removal of debris at the head of the plant, minimizing impact to the downstream equipment, avoiding downtime and maintenance costs. Check out our case study at the Romeoville Wastewater Treatment Plant and how choosing the proper screen type impacted their results.

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Wastewater screening equipment can be divided into two types: coarse and fine screens. The source of sewage has the main influence on the screen choice. Let''s investigate the specialties of each type. Coarse screens do not allow logs, timbers, and stumps entering treatment process. The equipment gets rid of large solids, rags, and rejects.

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A brilliant result in every respect: a nrw contec screen reliably removes floating matter, sediment, suspended matter and fibrous matter. Extremely low-maintenance, it also requires little cleaning water and energy. Numerous wastewater treatment plant operators and industrial companies trust the stable, long-lasting contec screen.

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Temporary equipment provides a safety net from potential disruptions for industrial wastewater treatment, especially for operations such as power plants, mine water, and refineries. These interruptions may occur from emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance, causing the plant to lose revenue or not meet effluent regulations.

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Screening Equipment Advisor | Vulcan Industries. What''s better than indestructible screening equipment? Customized indestructible screening equipment. When it comes to wastewater screening technology, there are many ways to construct bar screens, stair screens and grit washers. So many ways. We can help.

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WASTEWATER SCREENING & GRIT HANDLING. MAK Water''s wastewater screening, grit removal and handling equipment is designed and manufactured as part of a comprehensive range, as used primarily in municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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Wastewater Screening Equipment. The wastewater screening cleaner is a chain driven rake tooth rotary mechanical screening cleaner, which is suitable for sewage and rainwater pump stations and sewage treatment plants to intercept and remove large impurities, floating substances and suspended substances in sewage and reduce the load of subsequent processes.

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Selecting the right screen for your application is essential to improve short- and long-term outcomes. Connect with us to learn more about wastewater screening equipment for your specific needs or to discuss the trends we''ve looked at above. 4750 118th Avenue North Clearwater, Florida 33762 USA Phone: +1 (813) 818-0777 Fax: (813) 818-0770.

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Forming an integral part of any effluent treatment plant at the primary stage or operating as standalone equipment in process situations, a waste water screening machines solution to every possible application is achieved from the standard model range, however bespoke equipment caters for the more challenging and intricate conditions.


VERTICAL BAR SCREEN Large Flow in DeepChannel D E S C R I P T I O N The VERTI SCREEN is a vertical wastewater filtration equipment specially designed for deep channels and difficult access.

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 · Wastewater Screening. Wastewater Screening is the first unit operation in all wastewater treatment plants. Screen is the device used to retain solids found in the influent wastewater to the treatment plant. The main purpose of screening is to remove solid materials that could:. Cause damage to other process equipment.

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wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Screening removes objects such as rags, paper, plastics, and metals to prevent damage and clogging of downstream equipment, piping, and appurtenances. Some modern wastewater treatment plants use both coarse screens and fine screens. Figure 1 depicts a typical bar screen (a type of coarse screen). Coarse Screens

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Wastewater screens are designed to protect significant capital investments in downstream processes that must remain online. Other equipment that grinds and macerates solids requires constant maintenance and can damage downstream processes; Hydro-Dyne''s screening technology is designed to remove and dispose of solids without the need to pass the material downstream.

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Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions. For over 55 years, Parkson has been a pioneer in evaporation, inclined plate clarification and continuous backwash sand filtration technologies. Today, with our continued commitment to innovation and technology, Parkson is a provider of complete industrial water treatment systems and solutions.

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Industrial Wastewater. We partner with you to provide Screening and Solids Separation solutions for all of your industrial wastewater needs.Regardless if it is new equipment, retrofits, rentals and upgrades our goals are to make your wastewater operation …

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Wastewater Screening Equipment. Franklin Miller''s broad line of screens are designed to remove solids from liquid flows as well as wash and compact solids. These units are suitable for wastewater, sewage, industrial and agricultural applications. Franklin Miller screens and screening systems provide liquids and solids separation, washing ...

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The Lyco Manufacturing Stationary Screen de-waters products, such as beans and vegetables, or can perform rough screening of wastewater. The wastewater function cleans up pea, bean, corn, potato or meat waste. Sanitary construction and a tilt out screen …

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Aqualitec provides a wide selection of cost-effective, innovative wastewater screening equipment and sludge treatment solutions. From wastewater bar screens to …

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 · HUBER Technology provides state-of-the-art equipment for municipal and industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Our main focus is liquid/solid separation in general and headworks equipment in particular. We offer a comprehensive line of stainless steel equipment.

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SAVECO North America, Inc. dba Enviro-Care Company, a member of the WAMGROUP®, supplies screens and solids/grit management equipment in North American for water and wastewater applications. Brands include The BEAST, FSM Filterscreens and WAM conveyors.

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Wastewater screening equipment can be divided into two types: coarse and fine screens. The source of sewage has the main influence on the screen choice. Let''s investigate the specialties of each type. Coarse screens do not allow logs, timbers, and stumps entering treatment process. The equipment …

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 · Your screening equipment plays a huge role in your wastewater system as it is the first line of defense to the filtration process. When removing objects such as rags, paper, plastics and metals, screening equipment prevents damage and clogging of downstream equipment.


Liquid / solids separation technology for water & wastewater solutions. Serving customers for 35 years with simple screening and solids handling equipment across municipal and industrial applications.

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BioSec provides wastewater screens and MBBR/IFAS biological wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial facilities, with a wide range of screening, conveyor and storage equipment options. Built from heavier materials (stainless steel, etc.) …

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Screening Screening is the first unit operation used at wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Screening removes objects such as rags, paper, plastics, and metals to prevent damage and clogging of downstream equipment, piping, and appurtenances. Some modern wastewater treatment plants use both coarse screens and fine screens.

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Wastewater Screens Overview . OVERVIEW. Headworks Inc. offers a wide range of screening equipment for municipal and industrial applications. Our screens are tougher than any in the industry and are built to withstand extreme conditions. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products that are durable and maintenance-friendly.

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Screening benefits the process of wastewater, by-product and water treatment by removing troublesome and recognizable solids so they do not harm or damage downstream equipment and processes. Screening reduces operator workload by avoiding costly downtime of such items such as pumps, valves and other mechanical or process equipment.